Cracks in asphalt parking lots and driveways may vary in shape and size, posing risks that extend beyond a bad appearance. When left unattended, this kind of minor damage can escalate into more severe issues, from potholes to sub-base failure. That’s why Maryland property owners dealing with cracked asphalt need the help of the Baltimore area’s trusted local parking lot repair contractor: Goode Paving.

Goode Paving: Expert Crack Sealing Services in Northern Maryland

According to the Pavement Preservation & Recycling Alliance, 75 percent of unsealed cracks evolve into potholes within three years. In contrast, only 1 percent of sealed cracks develop into potholes in the same timeframe. Pothole repair using asphalt patching services is much more expensive than crack sealing. That’s why these services are so important for the longevity of paved surfaces like commercial parking lots, municipal roads, and residential driveways.

Beyond preventing structural deterioration, crack sealing provides immediate benefits like reduced vehicle damage, increased driver safety, and minimized road maintenance. Repairing minor cracks is also important before other maintenance like sealcoating or parking lot striping.

The Crack Sealing Process

The repair involves strategically placing an adhesive sealant into pavement cracks, creating a barrier against moisture and non-compressible materials. This cost-effective pavement preservation treatment slows deterioration, extending pavement life by three to five years.

This asphalt repair method is effective for minor, shallow cracks less than 0.75 inches wide, showing minimal deterioration at the edges. This method is crucial in the early stages, aiming to prevent moisture intrusion and subsequent damage.

The method has its constraints, primarily applicable to minor cracks in their early stages. Sealing may not suffice as a protective measure if asphalt damage is extensive.

What About Crack Filling?

In contrast, crack filling introduces a hot asphalt emulsion into the gaps and holes in your paved surface. This also prevents moisture penetration, safeguarding pavement from further deterioration, but it’s meant for gaps that go deeper into the layers.

Preserve Your Pavement with Our Asphalt Repair Expertise

At Goode Paving, we use only the highest quality fillers and sealants on every repair project so our clients can trust that our work will last. When you contact us for crack repair, you protect your Maryland parking lot or driveway from ongoing damage and prolong its lifespan.

Contact us today for professional crack sealing that goes beyond surface-level repairs.

Remember, proactive pavement maintenance can save you from costly repairs down the road. Call us now to protect your asphalt investment.

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