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Is the paint striping on your parking lot beginning to fade and wear?  It is important for commercial businesses, churches, and community centers to ensure that their lots are properly striped.  Paint striping is used for commercial projects for two primary reasons – aesthetics and safety.

How is it done?

Striping over fresh asphalt or sealer requires a water-borne coating. Some paint will soak into new pavement which creates a thinner look, thus it is best to apply two thin coats. Avoid applying a single thick coat as too much acrylic latex paint can damage the pavement when the paint shrinks.

Typically, it will take approximately 30 minutes for the paint to dry. We recommend the site remain free of traffic for a minimum of an hour. Your parking lot should be Re-striped every two years, or when the remaining coating has been visibly reduced to 75% of its original appearance.

We provide an on-site visit to your lot to provide a free estimate for your consideration. We also ensure that your parking lot striping plan is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

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