A parking lot can be one of the last areas that we look to when budgeting funds for maintenance and upkeep. However, your paved space is typically one of the first things a customer experiences and it can help direct a positive first impression for your business. Therefore, choosing the right commercial paving contractor can be key to creating the professional and long-lasting results you want.

What do you need to consider as you are looking for the perfect commercial paving contractor for your business? Keep these 3 things in mind as you begin the process.

1. Project Scope:

Some proposals do not delve into the details of what a project entails. Ask the contractor to include details about the materials that will be used for your project.  This is important because a percentage of paving material is made up of recycled materials, and using too much recycled material can affect the look & longevity of your finished lot.

Inquire about types of equipment your contractor uses. You want a company that has the right type and size of equipment to easily handle your larger needs.

Lastly, you want to know what is included in the bid price and what could be additional & possibly unexpected fees. This will make it easier to compare estimates and truly understand what each commercial paving contractor is offering.

2. Insurance:

Be sure to ask about a company’s insurance coverage. What type of coverage do they have and will it be enough to handle any issues that may arise? You will want to address this now, before it’s too late and a problem happens that causes unexpected costs and disruption to you and your customers.

3. Local Workmanship & References

Ask for references and to see each commercial paving company’s work. Find out from the references how the process went, if they were satisfied with the results and if there is anything they’d like to share about their experience that would be helpful for you to know. References can reveal a lot about what it will be like to work with your commercial paving company.

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