blacktop drivewaysIf you’re building a new home or need a new driveway for your existing residence, blacktop driveways make an excellent choice that is both high performance and economical. Blacktop is also called asphalt, made from a mixture of sand and stone with asphalt cement, a petroleum product. Since the material is used to pave streets and create parking lots across the country, you can see the benefits practically everywhere you look. Here is an outline of the major reasons to choose a blacktop driveway for your Baltimore area home.

Basic Blacktop: It Goes with Everything

Blacktop pavement is not just for commercial or industrial properties. Blacktop driveways look great with most types of home landscaping and architecture. Whether your home is a Craftsman bungalow, a ranch, a contemporary design or a Colonial, a blacktop drive will complement the curb appeal of your house. Blacktop also hides oil leaks well due to its dark surface.

Lots of Longevity

As your home settles over time, you’ll have no problem with a durable blacktop driveway. Blacktop is pliable and flexible to withstand ground settling without cracking. Although thicker is better, even thinly laid blacktop performs well and looks great for many years. Repairs, if needed, are simpler and easy to blend in with asphalt and your driveway can last 20 years or more.

Blacktop Driveways are Budget Friendly and Convenient

The cost is very reasonable for your blacktop driveway, since, after the ground surface prep, installation involves simply laying down layers of hot asphalt, with customizations to meet your design requirements and your property’s unique needs. Efficient contractors can install your driveway quickly, and compact it, with minimal interruption to your daily life and schedule.

Blacktop is also quick drying, so you can use it soon after installation, typically in 3 to 5 days. Maintenance is simple too, with the first sealing at about 6 months to 1 year and resealing required about every 3 years.

No Worries About the Weather

Here in Maryland, you can count on your blacktop driveway to look good for years through freezing winters and hot summer, without cracking like concrete might. Blacktop is absorbent, too, so there’s no need to apply salt after a snowfall and runoff typically won’t be a problem on your property.

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