There are several key factors to expect when working with a commercial paving services company. How well they handle each of these factors can be the difference between a satisfied customer and an unhappy one.

Consider the following 4 factors:

1. Estimating the Project: When you hire a commercial paving services company, you want to be sure that the estimate is detailed and inclusive. You don’t want to find out halfway through a project, that there are additional costs or options. A good estimate sets the right expectations for the project and makes it easy to compare each estimate to each other. Be sure to ask questions and request further details if you are unsure of exactly what is and is not included in the proposal.

2. Preparation of the Surface Area: Each commercial paving company may have a slightly different approach to how they prepare the ground for paving. These differences can make a large impact in the final finished product. Pay careful attention to the sub-grade soil beneath the project, because it can play an important role in how well the pavement holds up in future weather conditions and if it is stable enough to support the load of the asphalt.

3. Laying the Asphalt: Again, there are different methods each commercial paving services company may take when laying the asphalt. Check for well-maintained paving equipment and use a company that has similar project experience as yours. Weather should always be considered and asphalt should not be laid in colder temperatures and in the rain. Drainage is also a key factor during application, as you will want properly sloped surfaces that allow the water to drain from the center of the paved surface to the outer edges.

4. Post Pavement Follow Up: How well your commercial paving services company follows up once the initial project is complete is an important last step. The company should give clear follow-up instructions on how best to protect and maintain your paving project for years to come. They should also address any issues that may have come up during the paving project and resolve them to your satisfaction.

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