Your parking lot is vital to the success of your business, so how can you tell when it’s time to replace it? Waiting too long can cause liability issues as pot holes and tripping hazards develop. While big problems like potholes are obvious, some problems are less obvious. Here are some signs to watch for that indicate it’s time for a new parking lot.

1. Visible Cracks or Potholes

If you can see cracks in the asphalt, then it’s time to start thinking about replacement. Not only do they hurt the look of your parking lot, but they also get worse with time. The longer you leave them exposed to the elements, the more damage those cracks can do to the structure of your parking lot.

Once your parking lot starts to develop potholes, it’s time to repave the entire lot. Potholes are a sign of serious structural problems with the parking lot. They are difficult to repair and will get bigger if left unattended.

2. Damage, Fading, and Denting

Asphalt has a tendency to fade with time. UV rays lighten and discolor the parking lot. This can hurt the look and also integrity of the asphalt.

Dent and divots in the asphalt happen when heavy vehicles come into the parking lot on a regular basis or are parked in the parking lot in the same place regularly. Damage from trailers or tow trucks can cause divots and dents as well. Replacing your parking lot, and making it stronger to withstand your normal traffic, is important when you notice these problems.

3. Improper Thickness

The thickness of a parking lot’s asphalt will have a significant impact on its durability. If yours seems to damage easily or is not holding up well under your regular traffic, it may be too thin for your particular needs.

4. Water Retention

If your parking lot has areas that pool water after a rain, it means the parking lot is not properly sloped for water runoff. That water is going to cause damage, especially in winter when it can freeze and expand, adding more cracks to the asphalt.

Spotting signs of problems with your parking lot before they develop into large cracks or potholes will help you be proactive against problems. Watch for these signs, and make plans to replace the parking lot as soon as it is needed.

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