Goode Paving recently undertook a significant parking lot repair project for a condo property management team in Baltimore, MD. Known for its exceptional paving solutions, Goode Paving offers a range of services designed to restore and enhance asphalt surfaces, including commercial asphalt repair and line striping.

Goode Paving’s Expert Parking Lot Repair and Line Striping in Baltimore, MD

parking lot repair BaltimoreThe client contacted Goode Paving because their asphalt parking lot was in poor condition–plagued with potholes and significant cracking. Recognizing the need for professional intervention, they sought Goode Paving’s expertise to ensure a durable and visually appealing solution.

Our commercial paving team started with a 2-inch mill and overlay process. Milling involved removing the top 2 inches of the damaged asphalt to create a smooth base for the new layer. This step is crucial for ensuring the longevity of the repair by eliminating existing cracks and imperfections. Once the milling was complete, a fresh asphalt layer was applied, providing a smooth and durable surface.

Following the overlay, the team performed line striping services. Proper line striping is essential for any parking lot as it ensures clear, visible markings for parking spaces, enhancing safety and organization. The newly painted lines provided a crisp, clean look, significantly improving the residential property’s appearance to please current and draw in more potential tenants. The Baltimore property management team was delighted with the results, commenting, “Quick and efficient from estimate to execution. Quality results for a good value.”

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Investing in professional commercial asphalt repair and line striping offers numerous benefits to commercial property owners. A smooth, well-maintained paved surface prevents vehicle damage, and the risk of pedestrian falls. Proper line striping enhances the visual appeal and improves traffic flow and safety by indicating parking spaces and directional guides.

We proudly provide reliable and efficient solutions to Baltimore area property owners and managers dealing with worn-out asphalt. Don’t let a deteriorating parking lot detract from your property’s appeal and functionality.


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