One of the biggest benefits of having an asphalt parking lot is the ease of repair for this common paving choice. As long as you keep up with repair when it’s needed, you can quickly and easily get your parking lot back into good working order when cracks or holes develop. In some instances, repair and patch is sufficient to keep your asphalt looking and functioning well. However, there are times when you’ll need to completely replace the parking lot. Here’s a closer look at what to consider when choosing to patch or replace your asphalt parking lot.

Repair and Patch

If you need to repair your parking lot with a tight budget, patching may be right for you. Small cracks and holes can be repaired and patched easily, and for those that are less than a quarter-of-an-inch wide, you may even be able to use nothing more than a liquid fill.

For deeper and wider cracks, you can still enjoy the benefits and affordability of patching. In these instances, the top layers of asphalt will be removed, allowing the contractor to repair and clean the damaged area before pouring new asphalt on top, compacting it and leveling it.

Patching and Repair is a consideration in certain circumstances.

When Is Replacement Necessary?

Sometimes, replacement is necessary in order to fully restore a parking lot. This typically is the case when the parking lot hasn’t been maintained or minor damage was allowed to expand. Large holes and cracks that cover the majority of the parking lot’s surface simply cannot be repaired and patched. In these cases, you will need to replace the asphalt completely. Also, if the parking lot is over 20 years old, it’s time to start thinking about replacing it. Complete replacement provides an end result of parking lot that will give you another couple of decades of good use.

A good paving contractor will help you make the right choice when considering to repair and patch or replace your asphalt parking lot.

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