Have you wondered how to maintain asphalt? You are not alone, many of our customers ask about the option of repairing asphalt versus replacement.

At Goode Paving, we are determined to help you avoid the cost of replacing your entire pavement with our sealcoating and repair services. During the winter months, road salt, snow plowing, and a seemingly endless freeze-thaw cycle that all Marylanders experience can lead to potential issues such as cracks and potholes in your home driveway or business parking lot. These conditions can prove frustrating for homeowners and businesses alike.

Now is a perfect time to begin making note of those potholes and cracks you were avoiding during the winter months. Potholes and cracks in your pavement are just the first sign of trouble. They allow water, oil, and other chemicals to reach the base of your pavement leading to rapid deterioration. Luckily, in Maryland, we benefit from breaks in the extreme cold temperatures allowing a homeowner, property manager or business owner to properly repair these issues. Additionally, proper maintenance can help you ensure having a driveway or parking lot which retains curb appeal. Business owners and managers know that their storefront is a major part of creating trust with customers, the same is true of a parking lot!

The parking lot is the first thing customers experience before entering a business, thus, it is important for a business to properly maintain. If your driveway or parking lot is in need of repair, we can help. Call us today if you need assistance with repairs or sealcoating. We can help assess whether your driveway or parking lot will benefit from sealcoating – or if other solutions are required.

Goode Paving can help maintain your asphalt and take care of your paving needs when you need it most. If you want more information on how to maintain asphalt, call us today!

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